Pasture Project works to advance regenerative grazing in the Upper Midwest as a scalable, market-driven solution for building healthy soils, viable farms, and resilient communities.  We work with farmers, land managers, public agencies, and farm member-based organizations to expand use of regenerative practices that yield win-win outcomes for farmers and rural communities. Pasture Project is supported by the Resilient Agriculture & Ecosystems team at the Wallace Center.

Grazing Cover Crops How-To Guide

Read Pasture Project’s new how-to guide on grazing cover crops – focused on helping farmers get started with the practice to leverage soil health and economic benefits through winter livestock grazing.

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Regenerative Grazing, Carbon, and Climate

Drs. Jasmine Dillon and Megan Machmuller provide an overview of carbon cycling, climate change, and the potential for regenerative agriculture to contribute to climate mitigation efforts.

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Roadmap for Expanding Regenerative Grazing in Illinois (2021-2025)

This roadmap captures a shared vision and strategy created by Illinoisans for Illinoisans to increase and sustain regenerative livestock grazing – specifically for beef production – in the state between 2021 – 2025.

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Midwest Grazing Exchange

A matchmaking service that connects graziers and landowners who live in the Upper Midwest. Integrating livestock on the landscape is a win-win for soil and animals - let the matchmaking begin!

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