Pasture Project works to advance regenerative grazing in the Upper Midwest as a scalable, market-driven solution for building healthy soils, viable farms, and resilient communities.  We work with farmers, land stewards, public agencies, and farm member-based organizations to expand use of regenerative practices that yield win-win outcomes for farmers and rural communities. Pasture Project is supported by the Resilient Agriculture & Ecosystems team at the Wallace Center.

Advocacy Toolkit: Conservation Grazing on Public Lands in the Upper Midwest

This toolkit, rich in resources on conservation grazing practices for public lands, serves as an
essential advocate’s guide across the Upper Midwest.

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Beginner’s Resource Guide to Direct Marketing Meat

This resource guide contains resources that are organized to help a farmer determine how direct marketing meat can work for their farming enterprise.

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Midwest Value Chain Coordination: Strengthening Food Systems Through Shared Values

This graphic illustrates a shared vision for greater connectivity across and impact in value chain coordination work across the upper Midwest.

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Regenerative Grazing, Carbon, and Climate

Drs. Jasmine Dillon and Megan Machmuller provide an overview of carbon cycling, climate change, and the potential for regenerative agriculture to contribute to climate mitigation efforts.

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National Grazing Lands Conference: Expanding Grazing Horizons
Wednesday, December 4, 2024, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST

9NGLC – Expanding Grazing Horizons – serves as a venue for experts and practitioners in the field of grazing management to share innovative ideas and best practices; connect and renew bonds with producers, partners, and other stakeholders across the nation; and progress toward the common goal of caring for and sustaining grazing lands. During the […]

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