Whether new to pasture based agriculture, or a seasoned pro, the world of grazing infrastructure can be confusing.  What works perfectly on one farm can be all wrong for another.  And mistakes can be very expensive. The Pasture Project has developed videos walking through the tools and methods you need to know before installing a fencing or watering system.

Fencing & Watering

  • Fencing

    Introduction to Fencing:

    In this video series, Kent Solberg of the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota and Seven Pines Farm and Fence will explain the basics of fencing – from the various fencing types and their uses, to proper grounding with electric fences, and beyond.

    Grounding Energized Fence

    Length: 11 minutes

    Solberg explains the importance of proper grounding for your fence.

    Materials for Temporary Fences

    Length: 11 minutes

    Solberg walks through the equipment needed to properly install and maintain a temporary fencing system.

  • Watering

    The Basics of Watering Systems

    Length: 22 minutes

    Jerry Doan, Kent Solberg, Laura Paine, and others explain their watering systems and what to consider when developing yours.