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How You Can Support Livestock Rotation

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    If you are a farmer or farm landowner, be curious about what opportunities you have to increase soil health and profitability and look for changes you can test out. If integrating livestock or intensifying grazing rotations might be right for you, visit a field day or other event (here’s a list of what’s happening around the region) and talk to those near you who are doing what you’re considering.

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    As a citizen, build your knowledge and talk about soil health – all that can be done to rebuild it and the consequences of its degradation. Help build awareness in the media, with local government, non-profits, and relevant businesses.  Share materials that have been helpful to youSign up for our newsletter and engage in local events.

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    Offer your knowledge and talents. If you’re an experienced grazier or row crop farmer who has integrated livestock, think about becoming a Grazing Champion, hosting a field day, or becoming a technical assistance provider.  If you have a skill relevant to farm businesses, offer to lead a webinar or presentation, or build content for our website. However you might contribute to this community, we would be honored to help you do so.

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    As an eater, vote with your pocketbook. When possible, know the farmer you’re buying from and ask for details about what matters to them and how they take care of the animals and their land. When that’s not viable, focus on buying locally or regionally sourced grassfed or pasture-raised products – here are some of the brands.  While these labels do not guarantee the product is coming from a farm that’s rebuilding soils, it does increase the odds.  None of us are perfect eaters, but every effort matters.

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    Help the children you know understand food and where it comes from. Introduce them to farms and farming. Get them invested in the future of rural places and farm families. For inspiration, check out this amazing group of high schoolers rapping about soil.